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A Cold Day in Hell

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95 Minutes


Sierra Nevada Mountains, 1887 William Drayton, once a crack sharpshooter in the Civil War, has lost his wife and home. He has ascended to the high country, wanting never to be heard from again. But someone is trying to find him -- a long-lost daughter, Elizabeth, whom Drayton thought had long since died. Meanwhile, banker turned robber baron Horace Scarsdale has mustered together an army of cutthroats and guns for hire to help him build his railroad empire. When Drayton returns to "civilization" with his daughter and friends, he decided to make a stand against Scarsdale, his former employer. Against impossible odds he faces down the vicious band of raiders that Scarsdale calls "The Company Men".


Debra Carlsen
Karyn Belenke
Kathryn Campbell
Kimberley Campbell
Ronald Bumgardner



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