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Death Rides the Range

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58 Minutes


The otherwise standard Ken Maynard western Death Rides the Range is distinguished somewhat by a topical slant. The plot concerns a group of spies from an unnamed foreign country (gee, they sure sound German) who head westward to undermine American morale. Into this malaise wanders Maynard, supposedly a rootless cowpoke but in reality an FBI agent. Things begin to heat up when the villains lay claim to a helium well on the property owned by heroine Fay McKenzie. The film's silliest moment occurs in mid-stream, when chief villain Charlie King begins beating up everyone within arm's length, with nary a scratch on his own person.


Bud Osborne
Charles King
Chick Hannan
Dan White
Fay Mckenzie
Jack Evans
John Elliott
Julian Madison
Julian Rivero
Ken Maynard
Kenneth Rhodes
Michael Vallon
Milburn Morante
Murdock Macquarrie
Ralph Peters
Richard Alexander
Sven Hugo Borg
Wally West



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