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The Blue Bird

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88 Minutes


Set in mid-Europe sometime in the late 18th century where Mytyl (Shirley Temple), the bratty daughter of a woodcutter (Russell Hicks), finds a unique bird in the Royal Forest and selfishly refuses to give it to her sick friend. That night, she is visited in a dream by a fairy named Berylune (Jessie Ralph ) who sends her and her brother Tyltyl (Johnny Russell) to search for the Blue Bird of Happiness. To accompany them, the fairy magically transforms their dog Tylo (Eddie Collins), cat Tylette (Gale Sondergaard), and lantern ("Light") into human form. The children have a number of adventures. The dream journey makes Mytyl awake as a kinder and gentler girl who has learned to appreciate all the comforts and joys of her home and family.


Al Shean
Alec Craig
Alice Armand
Ann E. Todd
Barry Downing
Billy Cook
Brandon Hurst
Buster Phelps
Caryll Ann Ekelund
Cecilia Loftus
Charles Flickinger
Claire Du Brey
Crab Apple
Dewey Robinson
Diane Fisher
Dick Rich
Donald Kearin
Dorothy Dearing
Dorothy Joyce
Eddie Collins
Edward Earle
Edwin Maxwell
Eric Wilton
Frank Dawson
Gale Sondergaard
Gene Reynolds
Harold Goodwin
Helen Ericson
Herbert Evans
Imboden Parrish
James Blaine
Jessie Ralph
Jimmie Nickells
Johnny Russell
Juanita Quigley
Keith Hitchcock
Laura Hope Crews
Leona Roberts
Mitchell Singing Boys
Nigel Bruce
Otto Hoffman
Paul Kruger
Payne B. Johnson
Raymond Rayhill Powell
Russell Hicks
Scotty Beckett
Shirley Temple
Spring Byington
Stanley Andrews
Sterling Holloway
Sybil Jason
Thurston Hall
Tommy Baker
Tommy Tucker
Venita Vincent
William Byrne



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