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Fat Albert

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93 Minutes


A generation grew up watching Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, the Saturday morning cartoon series that enjoyed one of the longest runs in cartoon history. Now, Bill Cosby's beloved characters make their way to movie theaters nationwide in an all-new, live-action motion picture. Fat Albert and friends are drawn through a TV into the real world where they get into fish-out-of-water trouble while simultaneously trying to solve the problems of two teenage girls. There is, of course, a ticking clock: if our heroes don't get back into their cartoon universe pretty soon they will turn to celluloid powder. Thanks to their initiative and a little help from the real life Bill Cosby, Fat Albert ("Hey, Hey, Hey") and his pals find a way.


Aaron Carter
Aaron Frazier
Alice Greczyn
Alphonso Mcauley
Annie Abbott
Arif S. Kinchen
Ben Diskin
Bill Cosby
Catero Colbert
Dania Ramirez
Fonzworth Bentley
Hope Levy
J. Mack Slaughter, Jr.
Jeanne Chinn
Jeff Leaf
Jermaine Williams
Johnny Gidcomb
Keith Robinson
Kenan Thompson
Keri Lynn Pratt
Kyla Pratt
Maggie Baird
Marques Houston
Nick Zano
Ogie Banks
Rick Overton
Shedrack Anderson Iii
Steve Alterman
Susan Boyajian



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