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Le Magnifique

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95 Minutes


François Merlin (Belmondo) is a Jean Bruce type writer of pulp espionage novels (he has written 42 so far) and about half of the film plays in his imagination, where he is the world-renowned superspy "Bob Sinclar" Christine is a sociology student who lives in Merlin's building and is interested in the novels, but in the writer's imagination she becomes Tatiana, his paramour, while the pompous and rich publisher of his novels, Pierre Charron, doubles as the great villain of the spy novels, the Albanian secret services head Karpov, who in a memorable scene of the film threatens to cut off one of Tatiana's breasts.


André Weber
Bernard Musson
Bruno Garcin
Fabrizio Moresco
Gaëtan Noël
Hans Meyer
Hubert Deschamps
Jacqueline Bisset
Jean Lefebvre
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Jean-Pierre Rambal
Laure Moutoussamy
Mario David
Micha Bayard
Michel Thomass
Monique Tarbès
Raymond Gérôme
René Barrera
Thalie Frugès
Vittorio Caprioli



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