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Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

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102 Minutes


An adventure drama set in the coast of Florida is about the team of a Greek father and son. Mike (father, Gilbert Roland) and Tony (son, Robert Wagner) Petrakis are professional divers who work to collect sponges for sale. Once they are robbed by the Rhys brothers with the help of Arnold, they set to take up a challenge of a lifetime. Mike Petrakis along with his son and the others in his group decides to take the plunge off for the 12 mile reef. Mike meets an accident and dies, while Tony sets out to complete the quest assisted by Gwyneth (Terry Moore).


Gilbert Roland
Gloria Gordon
Harry Carey, Jr.
J. Carrol Naish
Jacques Aubuchon
Jay Novello
Peter Graves
Richard Boone
Robert Wagner
Terry Moore



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