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Millionaire's Express

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94 Minutes


Multi-genre flick (western, martial arts, comedy, adventure, etc.) with an all-star cast about a man who returns to his home town, buys everything in sight, and tries to improve its municipal (and his personal) profits by sabotaging a train so the passengers all have to stop in his town and spend lots o' money! Throw in various subplots involving some Japanese swordsmen, some bungling bankrobbers (one of whom is the head of security), and a gang of no-goods who try to mess up the town.


Anthony Chan
Billy Ching Sau-Yat
Billy Lau Nam-Kwong
Bolo Yeung
Cheung Wing-Cheung
Chin Ka-Lok
Chow Gam-Kong
Chung Faat
Corey Yuen Kwai
Cynthia Rothrock
Dick Wei
Elaine Chow Sau-Laan
Emily Chu
Eric Tsang
Fan Mei-Sheng
Helen Au Hoi-Lun
Hoi-Lun Au
Hsiao Ho
Hwang Jang-Lee
James Tien
Jimmy Wang Yu
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
Ka Lee
Kenny Bee
Lam Ching-Ying
Lau Kar-Wing
Lee Man-Tai
Lydia Shum
Mang Hoi
Olivia Cheng Man-Nga
Pang Yun-Cheung
Paul Chang Chung
Pauline Wong Yuk-Wan
Peter Chan Lung
Phillip Ko Fei
Richard Ng
Richard Norton
Rosamund Kwan
Sammo Hung
Shih Kien
Shirley Kwan Suet-Lai
Siu Tak-Foo
Teresa Ha Ping
Walter Tso Tat-Wah
Wu Fung
Wu Ma
Yasuaki Kurata
Yau Pooi-Ling
Yuen Biao
Yuen Miu
Yuen Tak
Yuen Wah
Yukari Ôshima



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