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Speedway Junky

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104 Minutes


A naive drifter runs away from his army father in hopes of making it on the car racing circuit. In Las Vegas, he meets a young scam artist, who develops a crush on him. He is then introduced to a whole gang led by a young hustler. The racer-to-be then gets a lesson in the wild side, getting involved in one situation after another. Patsy Kensit makes a cameo as another hustler and Daryl Hannah appears as the scam artist's surrogate mom.


Adrienne Frantz
Angela Little
Benjamin Shelfer
Bill Cho Lee
Bill Farmer
Brian Stark
Cynthia Palmer
Dan Harris
Daryl Hannah
David Parker
Del Monroe
Erik Alexander Gavica
Faith Mcdevitt
Jaime Bergman
Jason Ellsworth
Jesse Bradford
John Jett
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Jordan Brower
Justin Urich
Kaleb Dixon
Lucy Dawn
Milo Ventimiglia
Nafisah Sayyed
Neil Ross
Nick Whelan
Patrick Renna
Patsy Kensit
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Preston Acuff
Richard Balin
Sam Menning
Shevonne Durkin
Stephanie Granda
Steve Schirripa
Susan Gayle Clay
Taryn Manning
Tiffani Thiessen
Timothy Mcneil
Warren G.



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