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Night at the Museum

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108 Minutes


Ben Stiller leads an all-star cast including Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke in this hilarious blockbuster hit! When good-hearted dreamer Larry Daley (Stiller) is hired as night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, he soon discovers that an ancient curse brings all the exhibits to life after the sun sets. Suddenly, Larry finds himself face-to-face with a frisky T. Rex skeleton, tiny armies of Romans and cowboys and a mischievous monkey who taunts him to the breaking point. But with the help of President Teddy Roosevelt (Williams), Larry may just figure out a way to control the chaos and become a hero in his son's eyes. Boasting jaw-dropping special effects and laugh-out-loud moments, Night at the Museum is your ticket to nonstop fun!


Anne Meara
Ben Stiller
Bill Cobbs
Brad Garrett
Cade Wagar
Carla Gugino
Charlie Murphy
Crystal The Monkey
Dick Van Dyke
Gerald Wong
Jake Cherry
Kim Raver
Mickey Rooney
Mizuo Peck
Owen Wilson
Pat Kiernan
Patrick Gallagher
Paul Rudd
Pierfrancesco Favino
Rami Malek
Ricky Gervais
Robin Williams
Steve Coogan



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