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Easy Money

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95 Minutes


Rodney Dangerfield gets a load of respect and a chunk of change in Easy Money! Joined by Joe Pesci and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dangerfield is outrageous as a working-class buffoon who takes on the first-class tycoons in this million-dollar comedy! Monty Capuletti (Dangerfield) has everything money can't buy, a loving wife, two devoted daughters and a few things it can: he drinks, smokes, gambles and eats way too much! But Monty couldn't be happier especially when he learns that his mother-in-law has left him a hefty inheritance. There's just one catch: according to the will, he must turn his vices into virtues before he can turn his windfall into cold, hard cash! Now, the misbehaving Monty will have to put the brakes on the binging and trade his lifestyle for a Lifecycle, or lose his one shot at the family fortune forever!


Candice Azzara
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Jeff Altman
Jeffrey Jones
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Joe Pesci
Kimberly Mcarthur
Lili Haydn
Rodney Dangerfield
Taylor Negron
Tom Ewell
Tom Noonan
Val Avery



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