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The Playback Singer

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90 Minutes


THE PLAYBACK SINGER is an award-winning, sweet, funny, family drama that reflects the choices that many people currently find themselves making between taking care of themselves, and their relationships; and devotion and duty to their parents. THE PLAYBACK SINGER is a stirring story about love, relationships, family and everything in between. Written and directed by Emmy nominee Suju Vijayan and starring Ross Partridge (Baghead, Feed the Fish), Navi Rawat (The House of Sand and Fog, Numb3rs, The O.C.) and introducing Piyush Mishra (25 year screen veteran and hailed as one of India's finest stars) to the US audience, THE PLAYBACK SINGER is more than just a father and daughter trying to navigate the waters of their relationship, it is a poignant yet heartfelt story about the current generation of adults trying to manage their own lives and relationships, and those with their parents and reflects on life's lessons between a husband and wife struggling to survive their own relationship.


Betsy Beutler
Joe Towne
Navi Rawat
Piyush Mishra
Ross Partridge



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