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The Burning

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91 Minutes


Cropsy, an alcoholic, sadistic caretaker for the summer camp called Camp Blackfoot is prank-ed by a group of camp-going boys who felt it was necessary to 'get him back'. The prank goes horribly wrong, and Cropsy is left in a hospital for five years. Cropsy is released to go back out into the world again but this time he is a changed individual inside and outside. Cropsy, back in society again for the first time in five years, feels more than obligated to pay a visit to some individuals at a place called Camp StoneWater, just across the way from his old stomping grounds...


Bonnie Deroski
Brian Backer
Brian Matthews
Carolyn Houlihan
Carrick Glenn
Fisher Stevens
Holly Hunter
Jason Alexander
John Tripp
K.C. Townsend
Kevi Kendall
Larry Joshua
Leah Ayres
Lou David
Ned Eisenberg
Sarah Chodoff
Shelley Bruce



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