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2001 Maniacs

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87 Minutes


A remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis's 1960s gory classic, "Two Thousand Maniacs!," "2001 Maniacs" follows a group of Northern college kids lured into the Southern town of Pleasant Valley to take part in the "Guts and Glory Jubilee," a celebration of the glory days of Dixie. Soon enough, they realize that the "guts" might turn out to be their own, as the crazed Southerners, led by Mayor Buckman (Robert Englund), have planned festivities that involve killing and consuming the Yankee kids.


Adam Robitel
Bianca Smith
Brendan Mccarthy
Brendan Mccarthy
Brian Gross
Christa Campbell
Cristin Michele
Dylan Edrington
Eli Roth
Gina Marie Heekin
Giuseppe Andrews
Jay Gillespie
Kevin Canady
Kodi Kitchen
Lin Shaye
Marla Malcolm
Matthew Carey
Mushond Lee
Peter Stormare
Robert Englund
Tim Quill
Wendy Kremer



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