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20 Years of Madness

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89 Minutes


20 Years of Madness follows Jerry White Jr. , creator of the '90s cult Public Access TV Show "30 MINUTES OF MADNESS, " as he returns to his hometown of Rochester, Michigan to make a new episode for the show's twenty-year anniversary. The show included a ragtag cast of outsiders who routinely played offbeat and crazy characters. What they couldn't have predicted was the wild and unhinged lifestyle they embraced on the show would eventually become a reality for many of them later in life. Much of the cast who played crazy characters as teenagers are now struggling with issues ranging from mental illness to drug addiction. As Jerry gathers everyone together, he is forced to confront years of resentment, rebuild burnt bridges, and balance challenging personalities in the hope of reviving a once thriving creative community. 20 Years of Madness explores the bond between childhood friends, now struggling in adulthood, and asks whether it's ever too late to chase your dreams.


Jerry White Jr.



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