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127 Minutes


When city police find a murder victim who was somehow forced to die of overeating, it puts veteran Detective William Sommerset and his new, talented but still green partner, Detective David Mills, on a desperate hunt for a serial killer who is making statements by staging his victims as tableaus of the Seven Deadly Sins. The first corpse found was “Gluttony,” and soon the detectives find more: a lawyer killed because of his Greed; an insurance scammer killed for his Sloth; a fashion model killed for her Pride. Each murder scene is elaborately planned, the victims chosen specifically because of who they are, and posed methodically in death. With time running out for the last two possible victims -- Envy and Wrath -- can Sommerset and Mills get ahead of the killer before his final two acts come to deadly fruition? Starring Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow and R. Lee Ermey. Directed by Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee David Fincher.


Alfonso Freeman
Allan Kolman
Andrew Kevin Walker
Bob Collins
Bob Stephenson
Brad Pitt
Brian Evers
Charles A. Tamburro
Daniel Zacapa
David Correia
Dominique Jennings
Emily Wagner
Endre Hules
Evan Mirand
Gene Borkan
George Christy
Gwyneth Paltrow
Harris Savides
Harrison White
Hawthorne James
Heidi Schanz
James Deeth
John C. Mcginley
John Cassini
Julie Araskog
Kevin Spacey
Leland Orser
Lennie Loftin
Lexie Bigham
Mario Di Donato
Mark Boone Junior
Martin Serene
Michael Massee
Michael Reid Mackay
Morgan Freeman
Pamala Tyson
Paul Eckstein
Peter Crombie
R. Lee Ermey
Rachel Flanagan
Reg E. Cathey
Richard Portnow
Richard Roundtree
Richard Schiff
Richmond Arquette
Shannon Wilcox
William Davidson



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