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Very Bad Things

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Peter Berg made his directorial debut with this black comedy about suburbanite Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau), his future bride Laura (Cameron Diaz) and his four pals -- brothers Adam (Daniel Stern) and Michael (Jeremy Piven), mechanic Charles (Leland Orser), and real estate agent Robert (Christian Slater). Kyle and gang head off to a stag-party fling in Vegas. The fun features hired stripper Tina (Carla Scott), killed accidentally during a bathroom make-out session with Michael. When a hotel security man investigates, Robert kills him. The group buries the bodies in the desert and head home. Back in L.A., guilt trips surface along with bouts of paranoia, Laura intends that nothing stand in the way of her wedding plans. Shown at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival and the 1998 San Sebastian Film Festival.


Angelo Di Mascio Jr.
Blake Gibbons
Brian Grandison
Cameron Diaz
Christian Slater
Daniel Stern
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Jeremy Piven
John Cappon
Jon Favreau
Lawrence Pressman
Leland Orser
Linda Klein
Pancho Demmings
Peter Berg
Rob Brownstein
Russell B. Mckenzie
Steve Fitchpatrick
Tyler Cole Malinger



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