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Airplane travel is a precarious thing at best, and despite the billions of miles traveled safely, the notion of being trapped in a thin metal shell miles above the ground with someone who deliberately imperils lives never fails to chill. In this thriller, serial killer Ryan Weaver (Ray Liotta) gets loose in the plane which is taking him to prison. Suicidal, he manages to kill or incapacitate the pilot, copilot and navigator, only to have his death wish thwarted by the brave actions of flight attendant Teri Halloran (Lauren Holly). Teri manages to keep the plane in the air and more or less on course with groundside help from air traffic controller Sam Bowen (Ben Cross). Teri is Weaver's favorite type of victim and he has made her believe that he may be innocent. Will she be able to resist the killer's sinister charm and save the plane?


Alan Bergmann
Ben Cross
Bill Cross
Brendan Gleeson
Callie Thorne
Catherine Hicks
Cooper Huckabee
Danna Hansen
Darryl Theirse
Dennis Redfield
Don Dowe
Fritz Mashimo
Garrett M. Brown
Gary A. Rodriguez
Gordy Owens
Grand L. Bush
Héctor Elizondo
Heidi Kling
J. Kenneth Campbell
James Macdonald
Jeff Joseph
Jeffrey Demunn
John Elsen
John Finn
Kevin O'Rourke
Lauren Holly
Malachy Mccourt
Michael Francis Kelly
Michael Harney
Paxton Culpepper
R.J. Knoll
Rachel Ticotin
Ray Liotta
Richard Hoyt-Miller
Scott Gurney
Scott Lawrence
Sondra Spriggs
Tannis Benedict
Tom Todoroff
William H. Burton Jr.



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