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Laurel & Hardy: Flying Deuces

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69 Minutes


Ollie's broken heart puts Laurel and Hardy in the Foreign Legion. They are assigned to laundry duty and before long the laundry goes up in smoke. They are eventually arrested for desertion and are sentenced to be shot. The pair escapes a firing squad by tunneling out, only to crash in a plane, resulting in a funny and touching end.


Arthur Housman
Billy Engle
Bonnie Bannon
Charles Middleton
Christine Cabanne
Crane Whitley
Eddie Borden
Frank Clarke
Jack Chefe
James Finlayson
Jean Del Val
Jean Parker
Kit Guard
Mary Jane Carey
Michael Visaroff
Monica Bannister
Oliver Hardy
Reginald Gardiner
Richard Cramer
Sam Lufkin
Stan Laurel



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