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Heaven Can Wait

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101 Minutes


Heaven Can Wait is a romantic fantasy about Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty), a Los Angeles Rams quarterback who is accidentally summoned to Heaven by an overly zealous celestial escort. Pendleton is returned to earth in the body of another man, who is a corporate giant. While practicing to once again play for the Rams, Pendleton must escape attempts on his life while romantically pursuing a beautiful English woman (Julie Christie) who protests the destruction caused to her village by one of his many corporations.


Al Derogatis
Arthur Malet
Bill Sorrells
Bryant Gumbel
Buck Henry
Charles Grodin
Charley Cowan
Curt Gowdy
Deacon Jones
Dick Enberg
Dolph Sweet
Dyan Cannon
Ed Peck
Frank Campanella
George J. Manos
Hamilton Camp
Harry D.K. Wong
Jack Snow
Jack Warden
James Mason
Jeannie Linero
Jerry Scanlan
Jim Boeke
John Randolph
Joseph Maher
Julie Christie
Larry Block
Les Josephson
Peter Tomarken
R. G. Armstrong
Richard O'Brien
Robert Fortier
Stephanie Faracy
Vincent Gardenia
Warren Beatty



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