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Batman: Gotham Knight

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75 Minutes


The Caped Crusader takes on a whole new look, and the world's most dangerous villains, in this full-length animated feature. This high- octane anthology features six different Batman stories, each from a diverse list of creators, including Academy Award-nominee Josh Olsen ("A History of Violence"), screenwriter of "Batman Begins" David S. Goyer, and award-winning comic book writer Brian Azzarello. The six tales reveal Bruce Wayne's earliest adventures as Batman, as he travels the globe to stop the villainous Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Deadshot. When taken together, the stories in "Batman: Gotham Knight" form a bridge between the blockbuster live-action feature "Batman Begins" and its much-anticipated sequel "The Dark Knight." Produced by the most creative "Batman" team working today, including Bruce Timm (TV's "Justice League Unlimited"), Alan Burnett ("Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker"), and David S. Goyer ("Batman Begins," "Ghost Rider").


Alanna Ubach
Ana Ortiz
Andrea Romano
Brian George
Corey Burton
Corey Padnos
Crystal Scales
David Mccallum
Gary Dourdan
George Newbern
Hynden Walch
Jason Marsden
Jim Meskimen
Kevin Conroy
Kevin Michael Richardson
Parminder Nagra
Pat Musick
Rob Paulsen
Scott Menville
Will Friedle



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