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18 Again

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93 Minutes


In this fantasy comedy, Jack Winston (George Burns), a swinging 81-year-old bachelor with everything but youth, blows out his birthday candles with the wish that he could be 18 again. When he and his outcast grandson David (Charlie Schlatter) are involved in a bizarre car accident, their souls switch places in the operating room. Inside David's body, Jack turns his grandson's image around, making him into a popular, confident trendsetter. At the same time, he makes some revelations about his own life and must turn his mistakes around in a hurry because David's soul, in his body, is about to be taken off life support.


Anita Morris
Charlie Schlatter
Connie Gauthier
George Burns
Jennifer Runyon
Kimberlin Brown
Michael J. Shea
Miriam Flynn
Nancy Fox
Pauly Shore
Red Buttons
Tiffany Downey
Tony Roberts



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