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Donovan's Reef

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109 Minutes


Acclaimed director John Ford and screen legend John Wayne team up for what would be their final collaboration in this boisterous, rowdy South Seas escapade. The Duke, Lee Marvin and Jack Warden play World War II navy buddies have made the French Polynesian island of Haleakaloha their post-war paradise. Local headquarters is Donovan's Reef, Wayne's rough-and-tumble watering hole where bragging, brawling, and full-blown misbehavior are the order of the day. But destined to create more turmoil than any barroom fisticuffs is the sudden arrival of Elizabeth Allen, a straight-laced Boston blue blood. She's hoping to locate her long-estranged father (Warden), affirm that he is "not of good moral character," and then assume control of the family's shipping dynasty back home in the States. Suave, debonair Cesar Romero and a sarong-clad Dorothy Lamour add to the laughs – and mayhem – in this tropical comedy treat.


Cesar Romero
Cherylene Lee
Dick Foran
Dorothy Lamour
Edgar Buchanan
Elizabeth Allen
Jack Warden
Jacqueline Malouf
Jeffrey Byron
John Wayne
Jon Fong
Lee Marvin
Marcel Dalio
Mike Mazurki
Patrick Wayne



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