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Shining Through

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132 Minutes


Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith star in this romantic espionage thriller. Set against the backdrop of World War II, a secretary from Queens is transformed into a government spy. After discovering her attorney boss and lover is actually a secret agent, she convinces him to let her go undercover. With the help of a fellow operative she penetrates the Berlin home of a high-ranking enemy official, and works swiftly to accomplish her mission.


Alexander Hauff
Andrzej Borkowski
Anna Tzelniker
Anthony Walters
Clement Von Franckenstein
Constanze Engelbrecht
Dana Gladstone
Deirdre Harrison
Francis Guinan
Fritz Eggert
Hana Maria Pravda
Hans Martin Stier
Hansi Jochmann
Jay Benedict
Joely Richardson
John Gielgud
Klaus Münster
Liam Neeson
Lisa Orgolini
Lorelei King
Lorinne Vozoff
Ludwig Haas
Markus Kissling
Markus Napier
Martin Hoppe
Mathieu Carrière
Melanie Griffith
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas
Michael Gempart
Nigel Whitmey
Patrick Winczewski
Peter Flechtner
Renate Cyll
Rob Freeman
Ronald Nitschke
Sheila Allen
Simon De Deney
Stanley Beard
Suzanne Roquette
Sylvia Syms
Thomas Kretschmann
Tusse Silberg
Victoria Shalet
William Hope
Wolf Kahler
Wolfe Morris



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