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An American Tail: The Treasures of Manhattan Island

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96 Minutes


Fievel, the beloved hero with big ears and an even bigger heart, returns in this charming, full-length adventure. In the historic melting pot of New York City, the Mousekewitz family is struggling to make their American Dream come true. But when a mysterious treasure map leads Fievel and his furry friends to a secret world of mice living in an underground city, they discover riches more precious than gold. Featuring the voice talents of Dom DeLuise and Lacey Chabert, this heart-filled and captivating “tail” will have the whole family singing its three new songs and cheering for the most charming mouse in Manhattan.


David Carradine
Dom Deluise
Elaine Bilstad
Erica Yohn
John Kassir
Lacey Chabert
Nehemiah Persoff
Pat Musick
Rene Auberjonois
Richard Karron
Ron Perlman
Sherman Howard
Thomas Dekker
Tony Jay



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