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The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

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68 Minutes


Still the faithful protector of Notre Dame's beloved bells, Quasimodo now rings them with the help of Esmeralda and Phoebus's little boy, Zephyr, who is Quasi's best friend. Stopping with Zephyr at a traveling circus owned by the evil magician Sarousch, Quasi is captivated by Sarousch's lovely assistant, Madellaine. But greedy Sarousch is plotting to steal the Cathedral's most famous bell -- with Madellaine's unwilling help. Encouraged by some laughably misguided advice from his gargoyle pals, Quasi listens to his own heart -- and discovers that he, too, must look past appearances to find true love.


April Winchell
Bridget Hoffman
Charles Kimbrough
Demi Moore
Frank Welker
Haley Joel Osment
Jane Withers
Jason Alexander
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Cummings
Joe Lala
Kevin Kline
Michael Mckean
Paul Kandel
Philece Sampler
Philece Sampler
Philip Benichou
Tara Strong
Tom Hulce



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