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A Life Less Ordinary

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103 Minutes


Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor are star-crossed lovebirds on the lam in this twisted romantic comedy from the creators of Trainspotting. Celine (Diaz) is a spoiled, rich young woman whose worst nightmare is having her credit card rejected. Robert (McGregor) is a hapless janitor whose greatest dream is to write the Great American Trash Novel. They have nothing in common, except the burning desire to live "a life less ordinary." When Celine is kidnapped by the inept Robert, a pair of celestial cops are dispatched to earth to make sure they live that "life less ordinary" together. Co-starring Oscar -winner Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo.


Anne Cullimore Decker
Cameron Diaz
Christopher Gorham
Dan Hedaya
Dane Stevens
Delroy Lindo
Delroy Lindo
Ewan Mcgregor
Ewan Mcgregor
Holly Hunter
Ian Holm
Ian Holm
Ian Mcneice
K. K. Dodds
Maury Chaykin
Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci
Timothy Olyphant
Tony Shalhoub



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