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Real Steel

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127 Minutes


A retired pugilist transitions to the business side of the ropes after human boxers are replaced by robotic ones in director Shawn Levy's feature-length adaptation of the Twilight Zone episode "Steel." Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) was a true contender when the sport of boxing was changed forever. Now, instead of humans duking it out for the masses, huge, powerful steel robots trade blows in the ring. As a result, former gladiator Charlie has been forced into the role of two-bit promoter, piecing together cut-rate fighting bots from scrap metal as he makes the rounds on the underground boxing circuit. Just when it seems that Charlie has sunken to the nadir of his career, his estranged 11 year old son, Max (Dakota Goyo), offers him the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a comeback by constructing and training a true champion. Now the stakes are higher than ever before, and Charlie is about to get a second chance at leaving an indelible mark on the sport he once dedicated his life to.


Alan D. Purwin
Alan Stefan
Amanda Lewan
Amanda Wright
Anna Li
Anthony Mackie
Anton Narinskiy
Antonio L. Miller
Apollo Bacala
Ben Bray
Bill Lowery
Bill Lumbert
Brad Leo Lyon
Brett Vandunk
Brian Anderson Smith
Bryan Matti
Charlie Levy
Chris Coldren
Chris Newman
Chris O'Brien
Christina M. Bender
Clark Birchmeier
D.B. Dickerson
Dajuan Rippy
Dakota Goyo
Dan Gerics
Dan Lemieux
Dan Watson
Daryl M. Simpson
David Alan Basche
David Herbst
Dervis Lici
Don Boerst
Dwight Sora
Ed Williams
Eric Gutman
Eric Tuchelske
Evangeline Lilly
Gary Lee Simpson
Geneva Brunetti
Gregory Sims
Haylee Detroit Dewar
Heather Park
Hope Davis
Hugh Jackman
J.J. Green
Jacob Godzak
Jahnel Curfman
James Rebhorn
Jay J. Bidwell
Jay Reid
Jeff Caponigro
Jeff Rosenfeld
Jessica Mclarty
Jessica Petrik
Joe Kras
Joey Ghinelli
Joey Harlow
John Dezsi
John E.L. Tenney
John Gatins
John Hawkinson
John Manfredi
Johnathon Vandusen
Johnny Flynn
Johnny Truong
Jojuan Westmoreland
Joseph Smith
Joshua Ray Bell
Julian Gant
Justin Calkins
Justin Chrzanowski
Kaitlan Welton
Karl Yune
Kathryn Henzler
Kef Lee
Ken Alter
Kevin Dorman
Kevin Durand
Kirstie Munoz
Lamar Babi
Laurie Valko
Leah Barkoff
Leilani Barrett
Linda Linsley
Logan Fry
Marco Ruggeri
Maria Lucia Safi
Mark Bonto
Markus James
Mary Magyari
Megan Grant
Melissa Marra
Melody Teodoro-Kurtis
Michael B. Clark
Michael Patrick Carmody
Michael Trobaugh
Miguel Sandoval
Mike Ancrile
Morris Lee Sullivan
Nesti Gee
Nicholas Ritz
Nicholas Yu
Nikki Smith
Olga Fonda
P.J. Edwards
Paul J. Spear
Paul Xiong
Pauline Ann Johnson
Pennie-Marie Hawkins
Peter Carey
Phil Lamarr
Rachael Adams
Raffi Elias
Ralph A. Recchia
Ralph H. Meyer
Richard Goteri
Ricky Wayne
Robert Herrick
Ron Causey
Ron Heisler
Ron Shedd
Samuel Meadows
Sandy Coonan
Sebastian Sarkissian
Shane Hagedorn
Shannon Edwards
Sophie Levy
Stephen C. Forsell
Steven Campbell
Steven Gätjen
Steven Hugh Nelson
Steven Scott
Taris Tyler
Tess Levy
Tiffany Stone
Tim Holmes
Tom Carlson
Tom Feldpausch
Torey Adkins
Wayne Brinston
Wayne E Brown
Wendy Aaron
Wendy Paquette
Will Clarke
Zachary Borromeo



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