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Law and Order

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57 Minutes


Bill Ralston arrives in town planning to settle down but quickly gets caught up in the fight between the townspeople and Poe Daggett and his gang. He takes the job of town Marshal and soon brings law and order. When Daggetts men ambush him he kills Poe's brother. Poe then kills Bill's friend Brant and this leads to the showdown.


Al Taylor
Bill Nestell
Bob Kortman
Bob Reeves
Cliff Parkinson
Earle Hodgins
Eddie Polo
Ethan Laidlaw
Frank Ellis
Frank Mccarroll
Fuzzy Knight
George Plues
Harry Cording
Harry Humphrey
Herman Hack
Jack Shannon
James Craig
Jim Corey
Jimmie Dodd
Johnny Mack Brown
Kermit Maynard
Lew Meehan
Nell O'Day
Robert Barron
Robert Fiske
Roy Bucko
Scoop Martin
Ted Adams
The Notables Quartet
Tom Smith
Victor Cox
William Worthington
Wong Chung



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