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Halleluja for Django

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103 Minutes


After robbing $500,000, the Jarret gang hides in a small isolated western town, where they are waiting for a scout to take them through the desert to Mexico. But the unresolved conflicts between Jarret and El Santo, the brains of the bandits, who has also an eye on Jarret's girlfriend, become a problem amongst the bandits. And there is also an underestimated scalawag named Billy Rum and his friend Mark, who are trying to help the captured citizens.


Enzo Fiermonte
Erika Blanc
Federico Boido
George Hilton
Jack Betts
Jeff Cameron
Katia Christine
Luciano Catenacci
Luciano Rossi
Luigi Casellato
Mario Brega
Paolo Magalotti
Salvatore Borghese
Sarah Ross
Tom Felleghy
Walter Barnes



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