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Forces of Nature

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105 Minutes


Ben (Ben Affleck) has two days to get from New York to Savannah, Georgia for his wedding to Bridget Cahill (Maura Tierney). Everything is running smoothly until his plane skids off the runway. Ben inadvertently saves the life of his seatmate, Sarah (Sandra Bullock), who becomes his companion for the longest two days of his life. As fate begins to repeat itself through a series of disasters involving a rental car, a train, and a bus (not to mention a hurricane), Ben has to wonder if someone's trying to give him a message. Inevitably, he also finds himself falling in love with Sarah. Meanwhile, Bridget wonders where, exactly, Ben is, and her old boyfriend Steve (David Strickland) attempts to take advantage of the situation. Not that Bridget's dad (Ronny Cox) really minds, since Steve is much more successful than Ben. En route, Ben and Sarah collide with Ben's best man, Alan (Steve Zahn) and his girlfriend, the maid of honor (Meredith Scott Lynn), which further adds to the series of cosmic tests that Ben must try to answer.


Afemo Omilami
Anne Haney
Athena Maria Bitzis
Ben Affleck
Bert Remsen
Bill Coates
Bill Erwin
Blythe Danner
Bob King
Carter Reedy
Chad Ridgely
Dan Albright
Dan Biggers
Danny Scalf
David Strickland
George Wallace
George Wallace
Jack Kehler
Janet Carroll
Joanne Pankow
John Doe
Julie Ivey
Kara Hamilton
Leon Lamar
Libby Whittemore
Maura Tierney
Meredith Scott Lynn
Michael Cudlitz
Michael Fairman
Mike Pniewski
Pat Crawford Brown
Richard Schiff
Rob Springer
Ronny Cox
Sandra Bullock
Shelly Desai
Steve Hytner
Steve Zahn
Taylor Gilbert
William Marquez



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