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Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life

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97 Minutes


This new adventure starts right where the last one ended. Belle is now a mother of three puppies and Sebastian is 12 years old. HIs father is planning to move to Canada with Angelina and Sebastian does not want to go. Faced with the prospect of being alone. Sebastian also has to contend with a new threat: Joseph, who claims to be Belle's rightful owner. Joseph is desperate to get his hands on Belle and her puppies... but Sebastian will do whatever is takes to defend his best friend and her little ones.


André Penvern
Anne Benoît
Clovis Cornillac
Fabrice Talon
Félix Bossuet
Lilou Fogli
Margaux Châtelier
Marty Berreby
Octave Bossuet
Olivier Bouana
Pierre Cognon
Tchéky Karyo
Thierry Neuvic



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