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First Man

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133 Minutes


Ryan Gosling stars in First Man, the riveting and triumphant story behind one of the most dangerous missions in history: the first manned mission to the moon.


Ambrit Millhouse Ambrit Millhouse
Andrea Maria Hintermaier
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Buckman
Andrew Stahl
Anna Chazelle
Anthony Paolucci
Aurelien Gaya
Ben Owen
Brad Kitchen
Brady Smith
Braydyn Nash Helms
Brian D'Arcy James
Brian David Mccay
Brian Mahoney
Callie Brown
Caroline Davis
Charles Carroll
Choppy Guillotte
Christopher Abbott
Christopher Sgubin
Ciarán Hinds
Claire Foy
Claire Smith
Connor Blodgett
Corey Stoll
Cory Michael Smith
Damian Lovello
Donald Watkins
Dustin Lewis
Edmund Grant
Ethan Embry
Gavin Warren
George Linkenback
Greg Puckett
Helen S. Jackson
Irina Labouz
J.D. Evermore
James H. Williams
James H. Williams
Jamie Anne Allman
Jason Clarke
Jim Stearns
John David Whalen
Jon Bernthal
Joshua Powell
Katelyn Davis
Kent Wagner
Kermit Rolison
Kevin Buttimer
Kevin Johnson
Kris Swanberg
Kyle Chandler
Lawrence Jonasson
Leon Bridges
Lucy Stafford
Lukas Haas
Luke Winters
Mark Armstrong
Mark Kelly
Mark Kirkman
Mark Schlichting
Mark Yurgil
Matthew Glave
Michael Lee Kimel
Myra Brown
Nelson Bonilla
Olivia Hamilton
Pablo Schreiber
Patrick Fugit
Perry Zulu Jr.
Philip Boyd
Robert Hatch
Rodney J. Hobbs
Ronald Hicks
Ryan Clay Forbes
Ryan Gosling
Shawn Eric Jones
Shea Whigham
Skyler Bible
Stephanie Turner
Steve Coulter
Tess Oakland
Thomas Clay Strickland
Tim Harper
Tim Olcott
Timothy Batten
Todd Truley
Tyner Rushing
William G. Tomek
William Gregory Lee
Willie Repoley



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