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The unhinged joy and high angst of hitting modern adolescence with full force is explored with honesty, clarity, and passion in Thirteen. The story follows the transformation of Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood), who begins as a promising, pig-tailed student still playing with teddy bears and Barbie dolls. When Tracy enters the hyper-sexualized, peer-pressure cooker of junior high, she witnesses the power and hipness of Evie Zamora (Nikki Reed, co-writer of the script), who has become widely known as “the hottest chick in school.” Ultra-popular, model-gorgeous, and bewitchingly snobby, Evie represents everything Tracy suddenly wants, and needs, to be.


Brady Corbet
Brandy Rainey
Cece Tsou
Charles Duckworth
Cynthia Ettinger
D.W. Moffett
Deborah Kara Unger
Evan Rachel Wood
Frank Merino
Holly Hunter
Jamison Yang
Jasmine Di Angelo
Java Benson
Jenicka Carey
Jeremy Sisto
Kevin Ian Pardue
Mo Mcrae
Nikki Reed
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Sarah Clarke
Steven Kozlowski
Tessa Ludwick
Ulysses Estrada
Vanessa Hudgens
Yasmine Delawari



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