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Harsh Times

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120 Minutes


An unstable Gulf War veteran with a savior complex receives a shocking wake-up call upon returning stateside and accepting a position with the Department of Homeland Security in the directorial debut of Training Day screenwriter David Ayer. Jim (Christian Bale) is a Gulf War veteran who believes his sworn duty to protect his fellow Americans extends to the streets of Los Angeles, and he longs to fulfill his destiny by joining the LAPD. Rejected by the force and left to ponder his future with his impoverished Mexican paramour -- whom he had intended on bringing to the city after joining the police -- the dejected and unemployed veteran is offered a second shot at helping his country when he is subsequently approached by the Department of Homeland Security. As Jim and his unemployed best friend, Mike (Freddy Rodriguez), carve a swath of chaos through the streets of Los Angeles, the weight of their American dream soon comes crashing down in a devastating blow that threatens to dash their high hopes for a bright future.


Adriana Millan
Cesar Garcia
Chaka Forman
Christian Bale
Emilio Rivera
Eva Longoria
Freddy Rodríguez
Geovanny Corvera
J.K. Simmons
Michael Monks
Noel Gugliemi
Paul Renteria
Samantha Esteban
Tammy Trull
Tania Verafield
Terry Crews



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