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Shaolin Wooden Man

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107 Minutes


Jackie Chan stars in the martial arts action film Shaolin Wooden Men. Little Mute (Chan) refuses to speak after seeing his father murdered. He becomes the pupil of an ex-convict who teaches him kung fu. Eventually he studies Gliding Snake and Drunken Master styles at a Shaolin Monastery. After completing the exhausting 108 wooden men test, Chan is ready to get his revenge.


Chang I-Fei
Chiang Kam
Chiu Lo-Kong
Chung-Erh Lung
Gam Yam
Henry Luk Yat-Lung
Ho Kang
Jackie Chan
Kam Kong
Lee Fat-Yuen
Lee Siu-Chung
Li Min-Lang
Liu Ping
Man Man
Miao Tian
Miu Tak-San
Ping-Yu Chang
So Kwok-Leung
To Wai-Wo
Wai On Chan
Weng Hsiao Hu
Yuen Biao



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