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The Passing

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105 Minutes


The three Naibert children, in their teens and early twenties, inherit a vast estate from their grandmother Rebecca. But unknown to them, the family inheritance has passed from grandmother to granddaughter for centuries-and Rebecca has a long reach from the grave to assure that the line is unbroken. The first weekend in the mansion is a party for the three Naiberts and their friends-but one by one, they vanish without a trace. Is death the punishment for violating Rebecca's spell? Are the demons that beset the young people real-or only reflections of their own fear? Is it murder, violence from another dimension, or madness? The answer lives in the reflections.


Brian Gleason
Colleen Shannon
Crystal Day
David Millbern
Elizabeth Ann Bennett
George Gerdes
Jason Hamer
Katherine Owens
Larry Pennell
Layton Matthews
Lilyan Chauvin
Paul Gleason
Sam Upton
Sam Upton
Savannah Stutler
Sonia Rockwell
Tara Carroll
Thomas Blake Jr.



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