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85 Minutes


Seeking a fresh start, socially awkward Iona and her cat-obsessed mother Lyn move to a new town. Together the pair put on a brave face, finding and creating comfort as one another's sole friend. However, life begins to get tricky after the town's small-minded denizens reveal themselves to be as petty and cruel as those from the town they just fled. At school, Iona finds herself targeted by a trio of mean girls who exploit her naïveté. Across town, Lyn attempts to make friends and is flatly rejected by a knitting circle of mean women who find her very existence repugnant. Daughter and mother find refuge in an elaborate fantasy world founded on denial and delusion; ultimately distance between them just when they need each other most.


Ali Khan
Aury Wayne
Bethany Antonia
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones
Chanel Cresswell
Charlie Frances
Isy Suttie
Jacob Lee
Joanna Scanlan
John Albasiny
John Henshaw
Lennon Bradley
Lily Newmark
Loris Scarpa
Nadine Coyle
Sacha Cordy-Nice
Saskia Paige Martin
Sophie Tuckey
Stacey Sampson



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