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Paint It Red

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81 Minutes


Struggling artist Ciaran (Laurence Fuller) stumbles upon two duffel bags of cash, $650,000, to be exact. His buddies Owen (Tommy Kijas) and Trevor (Chad Addison) have different opinions on what he should do with it, but time starts ticking when the original robbers (Khleo Thomas, Ray Diaz) come looking for the stolen loot that they stashed away! The body count rises each day as the gangbanger thieves hunt for their money in this trashy complex. For all they know, maybe it was the hooker next door who took it. Or Ciaran's girlfriend (Kirby Bliss Blanton). Or Stuntman Scabs (Martin Kove) and his two sidekicks. Or Ballerina Lana (Cassie Steele). Or the Deaf Couple. Or apartment manager Adele (Sally Kirkland). Perhaps Detective McNutty (Jack McGee) and his partner Detective Dark (Randy Wayne) can prevent the death toll from rising before it's off the easel. For what it's worth, it's all happening in the dumped off dirty cousin of Hollywood…NoHo.


Aris Alvarado
Cassie Steele
Chad Addison
Don Scribner
Douglas Spain
Jacinta Stapleton
Jack Mcgee
Josh Sussman
Kirby Bliss Blanton
Martin Kove
Randy Wayne
Ray Diaz
Sally Kirkland

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