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90 Minutes


Lauren (Christina Ricci) and her husband Russel (Brendan Fletcher) move into The Pinnacle, a luxury high-rise boasting modern design features and integrated security systems. While the couple settles into their new high-tech home, Lauren who suffers from bipolar disorder is recovering from a devastating delusional episode. When she begins to experience disturbing inexplicable occurrences, she fears the disease is once again wreaking its toll. It is not until Lauren is exposed to Vernon (John Cusack) a phantom-like investigative journalist with an interest in cyber conspiracy, that she begins to suspect The Pinnacle may be using the building's state-of-the-art control systems to subliminally brainwash unsuspecting residents. Friends and family believe it is her manic depression and the medications required to help manage her disease causing these distortions. Lauren tries to disprove them and sets out on a dangerous, mind-bending crusade pitting her against her friends, her psychiatrist and her husband as she attempts to uncover a mind control insurgency with devastating consequences.


Alvin Tam
Angela Quinn
Barry Nerling
Benjamin Dewalt
Brendan Fletcher
Christina Ricci
Gigi Jackman
John Cusack
Julia Maxwell
Maja Milkovich
Matt Brown
Nicole Anthony
Oliver Rice
Robert Fraser
Scott Olynek
Sophia Daly
Tracey Hway
Vicellous Reon Shannon
Zan Klein



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