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Turtle Tale

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86 Minutes


Ever met a talking turtle? Follow the adventures of sassy, outspoken box turtles Rafi and Hank and their friend, a gruff snapping turtle named Goliath. After vandals break into a nature park and kidnap Hank, it's up to Rafi and Goliath to track down their missing friend. Meanwhile, animal handler and skateboarder Calvin races to find a playful owl that escaped during the break-in. Come out of your shell and enjoy real-life laughter, romance, and fun in the Florida sunshine.


Doug Stone
Alan Shearman
April Stewart
Brianne Siddall
Bridget Hoffman
Cam Clarke
Camille Labadie
Carlos Alazraqui
Carter Hastings
Cassidy Naber
Chris Andrew Ciulla
Cinda Adams
Darren Capozzi
Dino Andrade
Domonic Paris
Douglas Ryan Roth
Dylan Shepherd
Elisa Gabrielli
Eric Bauza
Grey Delisle
Jack Shepherd
Jeff Dunham
Jessica Gee
Jimmy Zoppi
Joe J. Thomas
Joey D'Auria
John Kassir
Kaitlyn Maher
Keegan Thomas
Khary Payton
Kyle Hebert
Lara Cody
Lex Lang
Mari Devon
Marlon Wayans
Melora Harte
Michael Mcconnohie
Michael Sorich
Michael Sun Lee
Nika Futterman
Patrick Seitz
Robin Atkin Downes
Roxanne Reese
Sam Riegel
Steve Staley
Steven Kramer
Terri Douglas
Willie James Warren Jr.
Yuri Lowenthal



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