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Lost in London

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102 Minutes


In a comedy that draws a new line between real and surreal, Woody Harrelson takes a live misadventure through London for an honest look at fame, family and faith. Woody finds himself stuck in a drama bubble as he drifts from a spirited encounter with Owen Wilson at a club to the wisdom of the Texas Dalai Lama, Willie Nelson, in prison. His resolve is tested over the course of the night as he is faced with the true nature of what it means to make a connection with the demanding world around him. An aspiring first foray as a writer/director, Woody Harrelson shot LOST IN LONDON in a single take and challenges audiences to follow him on this unique journey for a night in his life.


Ali Hewson
Amir El-Masry
Daniel Radcliffe
David Avery
David Mumeni
Eleanor Matsuura
Evie Allen
Gavin Diani
Helen Iesha Goldthorpe
Louisa Harland
Martin Mccann
Nathan Willcocks
Owen Wilson
Peter Ferdinando
Robert Gillespie
Sarah Sharman
Tobi Bamtefa
Willie Nelson
Woody Harrelson
Youssef Kerkour
Zrinka Cvitesic



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