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Bucky and the Squirrels

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82 Minutes


In 1968, a one-hit wonder rock band from Appleton, Wisconsin vanished in a plane crash somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Now, 50 years later, the aircraft has just been discovered with the Squirrels still inside – frozen alive. After they're returned home and thawed out, they struggle to return to their former selves and just as they're starting to adjust, the IRS informs them they owe a half century of back taxes. To stay out of prison, the Squirrels will have to prove they can pay the money back by convincing the government they're capable of performing once again. Unfortunately, they're not.


Allan Katz
Bailey Herskowitz
Brad Esquivel
Clifford Diedrick
Dean Andre
Diana Jurand
Gary M. Soldati
Henry Dittman
James Lawrence
Jane Hutton
Jason Alexander
Jill Lover
Josh Duvendeck
Julie Hurvis
Kyle S. More
Lauren Katz
Mallory Speck
Matt Cook
Matt Shively
Michael Chieffo
Mike Farrell
Raquel Castro
Richard Lewis
Rob Konitzer
Tom Hurvis
Zee Gustafson



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