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Ray Meets Helen

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113 Minutes


It's been said that relativity defines human experience. Who, where, when. Yours, mine, theirs. Chance or design, it's all relative. Ray meets Helen during a random collision of altered fates. They are strangers, over sixty, lonely, luckless. He hit rock bottom in the big city, she on a small farm. It's a struggle not to give up or in. But then separately and without warning, each becomes overwhelmed by unrelated and extraordinary events. With their fortunes and values turned upside down and inside out, with their risky secrets hiding beneath new and shiny surfaces, with their hearts closed off but still searching, Ray meets Helen. Ray Meets Helen is a realistic fable that takes place in the capricious, often brutal everyday world. The story unfolds and accelerates with surprise, beauty, and danger. It is both serious and comical simultaneously.


Cynda Williams
Jack Noseworthy
Jennifer Tilly
John Hawkinson
Joshua Johnson-Lionel
Keith Carradine
Keith David
Kim Wayans
Lenny Von Dohlen
Neil Jackson
Samantha Mathis
Sondra Locke
Tyson Ritter

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