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The Frontiersmen

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74 Minutes


The local school is causing Hoppy problems. First Bar 20 cattle are stolen when Hoppy investigates a problem there. Then the new teacher arrives and disrupts the routine of the Bar 20 hands. Later with the Bar 20 hands at graduation, the rustlers are poised to strike again. But there is dissension among them and this will lead to the break that Hoppy needs.


Blackjack Ward
Bob Woodward
Charles Anthony Hughes
Charles Brinley
Clara Kimball Young
Dick Jones
Dorothy Vernon
Emily Fitzroy
Evelyn Venable
George 'Gabby' Hayes
George Morrell
Henry Wills
Jack Evans
Jess Cavin
Jim Corey
John Beach
Roy Barcroft
Rube Dalroy
Russell Hayden
Tex Phelps
The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir
Wen Wright
William Boyd
William Duncan



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