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House on Elm Lake

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96 Minutes


The idyllic lodge at Elm Lake has a brutal past. A few years ago, a man convinced that he was possessed by Lucifer murdered his wife and child in a satanic sacrifice. When the horrific news died down, the house found a new buyer in Eric, Hayley and their daughter Penny, who move in, thinking they got a good deal... but what they don't know is that the House on Elm Lake has for centuries been home to the servants of Lucifer, and that the house holds a frightening evil waiting to be unleashed - an evil that wants the new occupants to give its house back.


Andrew Hollingworth
Becca Hirani
Becky Fletcher
Charlotte Hawkins
Charlotte Hawkins
Faye Goodwin
Kate Lush
Lorena Andrea
Lorena Andrea
Oliver Ebsworth
Tara Macgowran
Tim Freeman
Tony Manders



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