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Spinning Man

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100 Minutes


When a 17-year old girl goes missing, family man and distinguished college professor, Evan Birch's (Guy Pearce) life is turned upside down as circumstantial evidence convinces gruff police Detective Malloy (Pierce Brosnan) that Birch is a prime suspect. As Malloy begins to peel back the layers of Birch's past indiscretions with female students, and his wife (Minnie Driver) begins to question his alibi, Birch's life starts to unravel, and suddenly the questions that he's faced with aren't merely academic – they're a matter of life and death.


Alexandra Shipp
Annie Monroe
Aria Buckley
Carlo Rota
Clark Gregg
Donna Rusch
Eliza Pryor
Freya Tingley
Guy Pearce
Irene Roseen
James Quach
Jamie Kennedy
Jeannie Austin
Jennie Fahn
John Mariano
Michael Hyland
Minnie Driver
Myron Mcclure
Natasha Bassett
Noah Salsbury Lipson
Odeya Rush
P.J. King
Patrika Darbo
Pierce Brosnan
R.J. Walker
Rico E. Anderson
Sean Blakemore
Siena D'Addario
Sterling Beaumon



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