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False Colors

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65 Minutes


Before he was killed by Mark Foster's men, Bud Lawton willed part ownership in his ranch to Hoppy and his two pals. When the three arrive they find a fake posing as Lawton. When they expose the imposter, Foster gets the Sheriff to jail them for Lawton's murder.


Al Haskell
Andy Clyde
Bob Burns
Claudia Drake
Cliff Parkinson
Dan White
Douglass Dumbrille
Earle Hodgins
Elmer Jerome
Frank O'Connor
George Morrell
George Plues
Glen Walters
Glenn Strange
Jack Evans
Jack Montgomery
Jimmy Rogers
Pierce Lyden
Ray Jones
Robert Mitchum
Roy Barcroft
Roy Bucko
Sam Flint
Tex Phelps
Tom London
Tom Seidel
Tom Smith
Victor Adamson
William Boyd



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