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Dark Delusion

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90 Minutes


After 15 entries, MGM's "Dr. Kildare" series came to a quiet end with Dark Delusion. Although Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore), crusty chief surgeon at Blair General Hospital, is officially the leading character, most of the footage is devoted to Gillespie's outspoken protégé, Dr. Tommy Coalt (James Craig). The film's central crisis involves Cynthia Grace (Lucille Bremer), a spoiled socialite suffering from a blood clot. Not unexpectedly, Tommy falls in love with Cynthia (much to her parents' dismay), and soon he's drawing up plans to marry the girl and setting up private practice in a smaller town. Coincidentally, this was the same sort of dilemma facing Gillespie's most famous protégé, Dr Kildare, in the initial series entry Young Dr. Kildare (Perhaps MGM was hoping to bring things full circle with a new "Dr. Coalt" series)


Alma Kruger
Art Baker
Blossom Rock
Gary Gray
George Reed
Geraldine Wall
Henry Stephenson
Jack Rice
James Craig
Jayne Meadows
Keye Luke
Lester Matthews
Lionel Barrymore
Lucille Bremer
Marie Blake
Nell Craig
Russell Hicks
Warner Anderson



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