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As Far as the Eye Can See

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88 Minutes


As Far As The Eye Can See tells the story of Jack Ridge ("Dazed and Confused" star Jason London), a former piano prodigy once mentored by Van Cliburn, who has retreated to his family's farmland in north Texas. His wife (Jenni Tooley, from "Boyhood") has left him, and the week of the annual county piano competition, he punches his fist into a wall, threatening his first pubic performance in years. When the local corporate farm ratchets up the pressure on him to sell his land, his only allies are Phillip (Danny Mora), the cantankerous, elderly owner of the local Mexican restaurant, and Alyssa (Jasmine Skloss-Harrison), a teenage spitfire with dreams of becoming a farmer. Jack Ridge is living in the past, but the future is coming for him.


Annalee Jefferies
Danny Mora
Jasmine Skloss-Harrison
Jason London
Jenni Tooley



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