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Weeds on Fire

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95 Minutes


In the year of 1984, the Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed, and the future of Hong Kong became unclear. In the stream of history, this story of a baseball team beneath the Lion Rock had gradually been forgotten. In that year, "Shatin Martins", the first Hong Kong youth baseball team, was formed. The 10 young players were living an uneasy and restless life as Hong Kong was being humiliated by one defeat after another and the fate of the "Shatin Martins" and their strong rival, the Japanese Buffaloes, hanged in the balance. However, the hardship only brought out their bravery to surmount themselves and overcome the struggles. Living in the golden age, these players ignited their glory with every game as they grew together with their city. Eventually, it all comes down to the final game facing their greatest rival yet...


Chan-Leung Poon
Hedwig Tam
Jan Lamb
Lam Yiu-Sing
Liu Kai-Chi
Maria Wong Si-Man
Sham Ka-Ki
Suen Lik-Man
Wu Tsz-Tung



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